Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shattered Aegis Part One: The Greenbacks, Well, the Rest of Them

So I left out 1st Regiment's Charlie Company last post. This is mostly because I have little to no references that help for this. You see Arma's a stubborn game with concepts of cargo being uniform in the future across all factions and units. Say you've got an IFV or an APC or a helicopter, well nine times out of ten they'll have three crew and eight cargo spots. Threes and eights, guys. Now that's all fine and good, if you're in the Armaverse (Let that not be a thing), but if you're trying to tie equipment to real life, you're going to have a doubly hard time here. The AAF get two armored vehicles, one tank, an Anti-Aircraft carrier and a few choppers.

The AAF get two vics for this-the Mora and Gorgon. The Gorgon's based off the Pandur APC the Poles are using, but I can't find anything on their organization. The Mora's a variation on the Warrior IFV the English have. Mind you there are differences here. Now we've got this crazy mix of absurd things going on with the AAF only a true deviant could consider. But now here's the kicker, I'm that deviant.

This is the Mora IFV.

That's the Warrior IFV.

To rattle it all off, we've got light infantry platoons based off German military organizations, tank platoons that fit with most nations organizations, and now mechanized infantry platoons using the British Armed Forces organization. Two out of three of these groups are equipped with Germanness, or Germanity, maybe Germanicosity. Prepare the spiked helmets. Now I know right now the tanks don't seem very German, but hold your horses.

That there, that there is a Leopard tank. 

I mean, look. It's right there.

So some Leopards and German Light Infantrymen and bam, we're two-thirds German. Mix it up, right?

So to mix it up, I dug up what I could find of the UK organizations. Apparently not all militaries are just spewing old documents in easily readable PDFs like the US does. Most of the stuff I've read is from forums of guys claiming to know, or claiming to be vets. That's fine, it's better than nothing, right? Hell, the sheer number of things I've read about the IDF make me believe their OPSEC is amazing or it's total bedlam over there.

But anyways, the latest thing I've seen is that the UK has turned their mechanized platoons into self contained blocks. Now I have a huge love for this concept, but I'll explain for the one guy who doesn't already know I don't know what I'm talking about.

Conceptually, let's say we've got a pile of dudes. Around thirty. There's you, the CO, and your mentor/teacher/senpai/sensei and that leaves you with twenty-eight dudes. So you tell your dudes, I don't know you dudes, but you dudes have got to get organized. We've only got like three vehicles, who can drive. Who went to gunnery school. And like nine dudes step out and you throw them in, bam. Well now you've got nineteen dudes left. Maybe dividing them into teams from nineteen isn't going to work, and while your deputy assures you he can weigh the cut up limbs of the guys you'll have to give fractionally to each other team,

So here's what should probably be done. Stick all those dudes and tie them to the vehicles. My favorite American mechanized organization, the Bradley platoon, splits the infantry from the vehicles. I forgive that out of my blind love for the Bradley platoon. The Russians, however, got the idea right. And here is where the BAF gets it right now. Hell, the US Army had it right back when we were driving M113s around like big ugly Yankee Trapezoids. You make the crew and the dismounts one big family. You tie them together with rope and steel and treads.

Well, look. Now you take your twenty-eight dudes again, oh. Three nine man squads with one guy left over for you to use as a radio man or a messenger or the guy to balance the apple on his head while you shoot it off blindfolded.

So bam. Mechanized Company. Three platoons of Mora-bound Altian soldiers arranged into three squads each with a three man HQ that fits snugly into the back of the IFVs for transport.

But how do we arrange the squads, you say. Well. You have your section leader or squad leader if you're into that kind of thing and then you say he's the vehicle commander. He's got a driver and a gunner to command and he says hey, gimme like six more dudes. So then you've got a squad. And he equips those dudes with an LMG or two (We're going to go with two in one squad, one in the other two for variety) maybe an AT launcher (for those riflemen, we'll give them NLAWs and for one or two AT specialists they'll get the ambiguous Titan AT)

Next time: We do a completely redundant explanation of a Bradley Platoon and Abrams Platoon!

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